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Nicole De Villiers

Florist & Event Manager


Charlotte Melling

Head of Retail


Charlie Wills

{vintage china} rare and racy portobello


Mirabeau Wine


Provence is famous for making the best rosé wines in the world, and they have notched up some pretty good experience having made it since 600BC. Mirabeau’s main focus is on making delicious, dry pink wines that will be a perfect partner to a huge variety of food and almost any occasion. We also make small quantities of crisp and floral white and some delicious, smooth berried reds with all the concentration of fruit from this sun-soaked area.


Creative Collaborator: a soul who wants to share their gifts through our unique artists salon. Someone wanting to meet new people and see what a creative community can do for them in promotion, motivation, inspiration, and support.


We accept all types of collaborations in many different forms. Most of our collaborators are unpaid as they are gifting, time and talent to our cause to showcase them and share art for arts sake. As we are a startup self-funded small business it is not possible to shower pounds where we don’t have them yet, but it is the intention of our long term goal to be able to help not only showcase and promote, but fund our creative collaborators as well. With the help of those creative collaborators going unpaid for our infancy years we will soon make this goal a reality! Get in touch and lets see how we can help one another to create something truly unique. See here some of our past and present creative collaborators as well as contact information so guests or those interested in enquiring about services from them can reach out. Every Creative Collaborator is featured on our website here, through our Instagram posts, and at every event to our visiting guests.

Jane Scott


I teach pottery from my studio in Holt and make painterly and asymmetric earthenware ceramic vessels and other clay creations.  I’m interested in showing off the unique qualities clay has to offer and celebrate the perfection of imperfections.

Thanks! Message sent.

Rodney Griffin


Griffin Decorating  044 7794 151991

Hayley Wood

{baker & Yoga instructor}


Jamie Graziano


Sally Kruger 


I started MadeWithLoveBySally three years ago.  All my current work is based around fabric and print.  Some of the work is original mono print on fabric, and I have recently ventured into designing my own fabrics, which are digitally printed.  I love pattern and colour and this is reflected in all of my work.  I love exploring and learning new techniques and my work is constantly evolving!

Karen Knowlton


I run a garden design business but it is much more than that, as I am a horticulturalist and expert in pruning. So for all your garden design needs whether it is a large or small project, a planting scheme in existing borders, advice needed, old and neglected shrubs pruned or some topiary and cloud pruning created as well as garden developments taken on and don’t forget your home grown vegetables and fruit. The way I work is that I pull in selected trades and landscapers when it is needed. I offer ongoing support and advice and care plans always come with my designs. I plant for the environment and working with it which means only organically and cutting down on the plastic use. I love working with creative people and your garden is just an extension of your house, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Moray & Kim


Moray and Kim are a piano duo playing chilled out acoustic covers, sprinkled with songs from Kim's recent solo album "Recovery is Learning" (2017, White Star Records). Both veteran performers, they spent several years criss-crossing the country in various bands before finally getting the chance to work together. When not playing together, Kim records and performs under her own name and studies mental health psychology while Moray is a freelance composer and session musician."

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