"Always Sunday; Sunday is a day of rest, rejuvenation, reflection, and as well a day to prepare and start something new …. new ideas, new goals, new experiences even, but what if everyday was



Finding a home for a creative expression or experience is something we can’t always see or locate, but Always Sunday House began in May of 2018 with a purpose to do just that. Under the vision of founder Lexi Learmond; she opened rooms and spaces in her personal home to give

unique experiences to others while also showcasing an ever-changing variety of creative collaborations. A artist’s salon in a digital age. A space for taking down the intimidation some creatives feel out amongst the world, but as well a venue to create a community for creatives and those whom appreciate the gift they give to the world.

Using Always Sunday Creative Collaborators to join together in ever evolving events, workshops, musical gigs, or theatrical performances has been the sole success of Always Sunday. A space to give a home to those who without were making and creating alone, but together we can showcase and encourage one another to keep going.

We encourage the use of Instagram as our digital medium because it allows us to connect to other creatives and let those who admire what we produce to follow along our ideas and process.

Posting our photos and videos from everything we do is only part of our Instagram journey. We provide every guest with the Instagram handles of every Creative Collaborator so that we can continue connecting and showcasing the contributions everyone is making to our events and

more. Every photo posted by us or our guests is encouraged to give tags and therefore credit to those who have made it possible.

Founder Lexi Learmond had a vision of a home that continued to add to the history it already had built over its 200 years of age. She wanted to develop a community that she herself could contribute to and as well feel inspired by. Since leaving her university days behind at Maryland Institute College of Art; she hadn’t found a space where she could socialise, express, and feel inspired, but she felt her home had become a hub of sorts for loved ones and friends as they shared many meals and evenings dancing! However, where did that lead?

A turn of events lead to a concept that culminated so many previous jobs and pursuits, but rolled into one. Something she could use her diverse backgrounds from corporate energy business to photography, graphic design, marketing, painting, and more.

“I started Always Sunday with a supper club to show an idea of what it could be by showcasing a few collaborations with some local creatives, but also as a peek into what possibilities are ahead

for us to evolve into.” ~ Lexi Learmond

Join us as we take the scenic route less travelled to making Always Sunday the umbrella of unlimited ideas.

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