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We are unfortunately contacting you in regards to the postponement of ALL our upcoming events.


With the current climate that has evolved over the past weeks it feels as though the focus on our creative collaborations and events would be at risk to be lost amongst these anxious times.


When I considered that we are as a nation reconsidering our current choices and non essential contact; it felt irresponsible to carry on with our planned events this week. 


We are a small growing business and this isn’t something we take lightly because it will be a loss for us, but it will become also a loss to our community to cancel. We will be instead postponing and offering a choice of either full refund; or a contract of faith. If you would like a refund please reply to with your information so we can honour your wishes.


 We understand and respect that not everyone wants to wait and see when our next events come back online. 


However, I am making a promise to my Always Sunday family and to you that we will be honouring any of these bookings for a re-booking to another supper club or chefs table in the (hopefully near) future. When the climate returns to a space where we can focus back on social gatherings with ease and joy then we will release dates first to you for the first 48 hours before the public. 


Therefore; if you want to redeem your seat and even maybe book more it will be your opportunity to reserve before the general public.


You will have 12 months from today to redeem your voucher.


I do hope you can understand this was a decision I grappled with into the wee hours of the early morning and feel based on my own gut it’s the right thing to do. Myself, and the Always Sunday family is very much looking forward to welcoming you soon for what will be a true reason to celebrate and connect after we move past this uncertain time.


Please stay safe and look to our instagram and website for our new creative twist on the new parameters we are working in for Always Sunday. 


With love + kindness,


Lexi and the Creative Collaborators of Always Sunday

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